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Breath Intelligence (BQ) is an experiential set of breathing parameters that we can observe and track in ourselves.

 It also serves as guidelines for mentors, coaches, therapists and health practitioners in the assessment and monitoring of the breathing characteristics of people they are working with and supporting.

This are the 10 Measurement parameters BQ
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1. Resting Respiratory Rate.

2. Nostril breathing at rest.

3. Abdominal expansion on the inhale.

4. Abdominal vs. Chest breathing.

5. Posture that supports breathing.

6. Speech.

7. Physical exercise.

8. Responsive Breathing.

9. CO2 tolerance.

10. Yawns and Sighs.

About one of the Authors

Viola Edward is the CEO of GRIT Academy, partnering with her sister Layla Edward. 
CEO of Kayana Consulting, Partner of Creative Women Platform.

She is a personal and corporate advisor, a Breathwork therapy expert and multi-awarded Mentor, including an “Honoris Causa Doctor of Humanity” (AUGP).

Pioneer of Breathwork and mental health fitness in the workplace since 1993, she recently introduced Breathwork into addiction rehabilitation centers. 

Author of “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” and “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of ten other books. 

Committed with the creation of a sustainable society since the 80´s, she sits on the board of several institutions and serves as ambassador for Human Rights.

Her Motto: Better Together - Caring Alliances.

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